Pataca Discos was born in the digital age (2009, Lisbon, Portugal) but always wanted to be an old-fashion record label: a house full of musicians and real instruments, a physical room from where physical things come out. A place where artist and musician João Paulo Feliciano can put in practice “the absolute freedom to decide what to produce and release, without having to convince anyone, only because I like it and I want it.”

Pataca Discos is as personal as every artist-run record label. A work of passion, affinities and personal taste. But at the same time, Pataca Discos is kind of a “classic” record label, inspired on the big record houses: it hosts a recording studio and an in-house orchestra, it has a set of collaborators, technicians, producers, arrangers and instrumentalists. All this happening in and around João Paulo Feliciano's own studio, shared since day one with his friend artist Rui Toscano and latter on with his brother musician and designer Mário Feliciano. Studio15A started as an artist studio, slowly becoming a rehearsal space and finally becoming a fully equiped recording studio.

Note about sending demos:

There is no point on sending anything. Pataca Discos' music is born from the inside out.

Assessoria media: Let's Start a Fire raquellains [@] letstartafire.com

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O Escritório + João Paulo Feliciano

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