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Bruno Pernadas

Those who throw objects at the crocodiles will be asked to retrieve them


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release date 23 set 2016

1. Poem

2. Spaceway 70

3. Problem number 6
4. Valley in the Ocean
5. Anywhere in Spacetime
6. Poem

7. Because it’s hard to develop that capacity on your own
8. Galaxy
9. Ya Ya Breath
10. Lachrymose

Total time: 53:78 min

Written, arranged and produced by Bruno Pernadas

Words by Bruno Pernadas and Rita Westwood

Recorded at 15A Studios between March and April 2016, by Tiago de Sousa

Additional home recordings by Bruno Pernadas

Mixed and Mastered by Tiago de Sousa

Artwork by Rita Westwood

Bruno Pernadas: guitars, keyboards, piano, bass, synthesizers and vocals
Afonso Cabral and Francisca Cortesão: vocals
Margarida Campelo: piano, keyboards and vocals
João Correia: drums and percussion
Nuno Lucas: bass
Diana Mortágua: flute
Diogo Duque: trumpet, flugelhorn and flute
João Capinha: alto and tenor sax
Raimundo Semedo: baritone and tenor sax

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Tape Junk
Couch Pop


Lado A

1 - Willow Crown
2 - General Population
3 - Hard Time Blues
4 - Home I
5 - Carved In Stone

Tempo total: 19:50 min.

Lado B

1 - Down
2 - Cranberry and Thyme
3 - Home I
4 - Cronies

Tempo total: 14:57 min.

Todas as músicas escritas e gravadas por João Correia

António Vasconcelos Dias tocou Juno 106 e Yamaha DD5

Misturado por João Correia
Masterizado por Tiago de Sousa
Artwork por João Paulo Feliciano

(p) 2019 Pataca Discos (c) 2019 João Correia